J B Khanna Property Pvt. Ltd. offers you a roadmap that allows you to navigate the often bewildering maze of government – and we can make sure the right people are hearing your message. We will provide you with strategic assistance with elected officials, their staff and other senior appointees to further your goals and objectives.

J B Khanna Property Pvt. Ltd. has outstanding relationships with government officials and business leaders throughout the country. We have spearheaded dozens of business missions originating from various countries to New Delhi – and introduced our friends to key government and industry players in India and beyond.

If your organization needs help clearing a governmental hurdle, or if you are looking to expand your customer base, we can provide you with the resources, contacts and energy necessary to achieve success. We play a pivotal role when it comes to liaison services. We maintain transparency and as a liaison consultant, we form the perfect entity to strike communication among the agencies.

J B Khanna Property Pvt. Ltd. is well-versed with the laws of all regions. As a liaison consultant, we successfully look forward to fill in the gaps between interested agencies, Government bodies and construction companies. Once you approach us for liaison services, we start functioning round the clock gathering as much as information about the land and legalities. Our team follows-up with government bodies and other departments that are involved. Most importantly, budgeting and time-scheduling is our priority.

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